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Course overview

The second part of our Google Analytics Immersive online course takes you on a detailed tour of the many reports offered by GA, revealing how to both interpret and share your analytics data with others.

This is course 2 of 17 in the:

Google Analytics Curated Stream

Key benefits

Take these learning outputs away with you:

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    Glean insight from reports

    Cover everything from visitor behavior to content performance

  • 2

    Master the reporting process

    Deliver meaningful data to others

  • 3

    Get a quick overview

    Build your own custom KPI dashboard

  • 4

    Discover how to use real-time analytics

    Track and react as it happens

Course Program

This Google Analytics Immersive learning module will arm you with the tools you need to start collecting, interpreting and reporting on the metrics you’re collecting.

Take a full-blown tour of all of GA’s reporting tools, covering Visitors (including demographics, behavior and even platform), Traffic Source (where your visitors and customers are coming from), Social Media (link your website’s performance to your social media activities) and Content Performance (drill down to the minutiae of how each page performs).

There’s also full guidance on measurement reporting – including how to track the journey of customers through the purchase funnel. From here you’ll also learn how to present this data in a form that’s meaningful to others. In addition, you’ll discover the benefits of setting up your own custom KPI dashboard for a handy overview, plus learn about the benefits – and practicalities – of using real-time analytics to track performance as it happens.

Book now to arm yourself with the tools you need to derive – and share – meaningful insights from your Google Analytics data.

Visitor analytics

  • Visitor reports: Full breakdown of key reports, such as visitor demographics, behaviour and mobile traffic reports
  • Visitor journey: How to visualize the visitor journey using Visitor Flow charts

Traffic source analytics

  • Traffic source reports: Full breakdown of all key traffic source and campaign reports
  • Search marketing: Comparing natural and paid search results
  • Ads analytics: How to track your Ads performance
  • Email marketing: How to track the success of your email marketing campaigns
  • Campaign tracking parameters: How to measure your digital marketing campaigns

Social media analytics

  • Social media traffic: How to best use Google Analytics to track social traffic across multiple platforms
  • Social traffic analytics: How to breakdown traffic stats by social platform and content initiative
  • Social conversions reporting: Best practice setup to track conversions and sales results from social traffic
  • Share buttons: Tracking the effectiveness of social media share buttons on your website

Content performance analytics

  • Page performance reports: How to make the most of them to track your content results
  • Event tracking: Tracking in-page events such as button or link clicks and downloads
  • In-Page Analytics: How to visualize where visitors are clicking on your pages
  • Embedded video activity: How to track embedded video activity on YouTube, Vimeo etc.
  • On-site search tracking: How to measure your onsite search engine activity
  • Site Speed reports: Best practice use to improve usability and website download time
  • Content Experiments: Step-by-step guidance on setting up A/B testing to optimize your content
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: How to best use Google Analytics to improve your conversion rate

Google analytics measurement reporting

  • Metrics: Clear guidance on the top metrics to use to track results
  • Ecommerce reports: Full overview of ecommerce reports available on Google Analytics
  • Goal setting: Best practice guidance on goal setting to fit with your commercial objectives
  • Conversion funnel visualization: How to uncover where visitors leave your funnel
  • Multi-channel funnels: How to allocate conversions when multiple marketing channels are involved
  • Attribution modeling: Best practice guidance on how to attribute results to respective channels
  • Data export: Step-by-step guidance on how to export different data sets to sync with other business data
  • Email functionalities: Share reporting easily with other members of your team

Setting up your KPI dashboard

  • Dashboard widgets: How to build your own KPI dashboard using dashboard widgets

Real-time analytics

  • Technical overview: Full breakdown of the features available to track activity as-it-happens
  • Implementation: Different scenarios to make best use of real-time analytics

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Alex Holden
Alex Holden
Alex has been training businesses and marketers since 2011 for Constant Contact, SCORE, Microsoft and more. He has trained over 6000 people so far. Alex takes his drive for digital marketing to the classroom where he continues to help businesses grow.
  • Alex Holden

    Alex Holden


    Alex has been training businesses and marketers since 2011 for Constant Contact, SCORE, Microsoft and more. He has trained over 6000 people so far. Alex takes his drive for digital marketing to the classroom where he continues to help businesses grow.

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Alexandra Charleston
S&C Electric Company
I appreciated that we started with the basics. I've just begun dabbling in GA, so it was nice to have time dedicated to explaining some of the core functionality and highlighting a few easily overlooked features before diving into more complex topics...some of the instruction required a bit of a technical explanation, the trainer did a great job simply explaining everything.

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